My Crazy Year In Review


2015, where have you gone? It’s hard to believe that the year reset itself almost 12 months ago; it feels like just yesterday. Or maybe that’s just me.

It’s been a while since I last wrote an entry in Singlevancouver, and it’s because this year was insane (to say the least) in more ways than one. The year started off promising with a whimsical application submission to be on a new Slice TV Vancouver based reality dating show called First Dates. Long story short, I was casted and filmed my on screen date back in March. I was eager to be what I thought was a featured date for my episode, but found myself disappointed when I learned the day of the shows launch that I would not be featured and would only be in some of opening montages. At first it was crushing, but like with everything else in my life, I got the fuck over it.

And then life took an amazing turn. A quick leap of faith lead me to the opportunity to write for an up and coming publication called The Bolde which I can safely say has singlehandedly changed my life. And soon after, a recruitment to Elite Daily which I will be contributing for in the New Year. I finally upgraded my clunker and bought a new car and took a few vacations. And by vacations I mean I actually got on a plane and got the fuck out of dodge instead of my usual Netflix, onesie and wine parties in my apartment. 2015 was good to me.

As far as my dating experiences are concerned, I’m ending the year off single yet again, but not without a few more positive lessons under my belt, and certainly not with a low hanging head either. In the process of navigating the Vancouver sea of bachelors, I finally found my one true love; and it’s all because of this crazy little blog I started nearly three years ago. I’m finally a paid and published writer on a viral platform sharing my experiences and thoughts stemming from my own personal journey and have connected with women all over the world who understand the struggle. And through doing what I loved the most, I learned the most important thing I could ever learn and that is that it’s okay to be alone and it’s okay to struggle to get to the end destination; because even when I get there, the struggles will likely continue. It’s not really about the destination at all, it’s about what you learn along the way. Life isn’t perfect and people just want to connect to something that makes them feel less alone in their own heads; we just want to know that someone else understands.

The other day I read an article from a woman who heralded her right to post only the perfect moments of her life because no one wants to see the bad stuff. I agree with this to a degree. When I scroll through my newsfeed, I don’t want to see tortured animals or the corpses of young refugees but in hiding the reality of life, I’m only breeding myself to be more naive to the bigger picture. How can you truly appreciate the good things, when you don’t see the struggles? How can I truly empathize if I’ve felt no pain? Through the brutally honest truths in my articles, I have comforted so many women who felt alone in their journeys and even though I may have bared a flawed part of my life for others to dissect and criticize, I focus on the ways in which I’ve made people feel better by sharing my pains with them. Because they’ve felt it too. And all I can really hope for is that in admitting the ways I’m not perfect, people will accept the ways they’re imperfect too. That’s the point; we’re all just imperfect people battling to find perfections but the perfection and the true beauty actually lies in the imperfections.

Okay, I’ll admit, that was deeper than I intended it to come out. But you get my point.

I’m so grateful with where this year has taken me, even if I haven’t yet found that imperfect Mr. Perfect to join me on the ride. It’s okay to be alone and it’s okay if people look at me and think I’m behind in the game of life because I don’t show up with a plus one to parties, or that being a mother is so far from where I’m at right now but you know what? Fuck that! That part of my life was simply not meant to happen yet. And in the meantime, I’ve never given up on this dream. Maybe I was meant to have my dreams come true first. Maybe I’ve been married all along- to my writing; to this crazy thing I do with words that helps other people feel better about where their lives are at, even if it’s not a pretty place. Not everyone wants sunshine and rainbows and long proclamations of how the love of their lives have made them a complete person. Looking back, I would rather have the pain because it makes the passions feel better. And if you only want the happy truth, then this is mine: writing is the love of my life. It is the one thing that holds me together; my rock, my knight and shining armor and the part of my life I can always rely on to be honest. My writing is loyal and comforts me with genuine love because the words are always on my side.

So I guess I’m not so Singlevancouver, after all.

In closing, I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey and accomplishments this year. And to my readers and new followers on Facebook… I am so grateful to have each one of you on this wild ride with me. I’m so looking forward to what stories 2016 will write for me. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone! Cheers!





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