It’s been five months since my last entry and I have wrestled with the idea of resurfacing until I knew the direction I want to take my often baffling dating experiences, but in anyone’s coming back from the dead, there must be something worth rising for. And for me, that time is now.

To say that this year was unworthy of detailed juicy blogs would be the understatement of my life. This year, everything changed and my experiences have taken me to new levels. And though I can’t give you the gory details just yet, I can announce to those followers who don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram that my single girl life really surpassed my wildest expectation when I began getting tagged by friends in a casting for a new reality TV show on Slice Network called First Dates. Now, I can’t divulge the entire process just yet but after blatantly ignoring the tags on Facebook for a couple days, this girl (me) had tee many Martoonis on a Saturday night and filled out the online application, attached a photo and laughed to myself as I hit send thinking nothing more of it as a long shot. Until two days later when the producers called me. And before I knew it, I was a cast member.

Why do a reality show? Because, fuck yes. Why NOT do a reality show? Come on, have you guys read this blog? I’ve literally dated everything from a guy who dozes off at dinner tables in public to that time I accidentally dated a murderer. It was completely normal and natural that this would be the next wild adventure of the girl who writes Singlevancouver. And even though I have learned to not have any real expectations in any of these dating endeavors, and trust that in this process one day, I will be pleasantly surprised, I have one more story for the grand-kids. Who thinks I am going to be one of those cool Grandmas with epic stories about the dick picture era of dating? *raises hand* I do!

And at the risk of sounding like a basic white girl, I literally CAN’T EVEN tell you how excited/nervous I truly am. One thing is for damn sure, when I am sitting pretty behind my picket fence, I will look back on my dating life and have zero regrets about the choices I made and I think that’s the whole point of this. It was after all, the reason I started this blog. I was just trying to understand the journey and process it through my greatest outlet; writing. In the process I have not only met some truly amazing people along the way whom I feel I will have lifelong connections with, but I’ve also been able to share, and be more open and honest about myself, what I want, what I need, and most importantly, I’ve been able to relate to many of my readers across the GLOBE! Hello world! I’m back 🙂

Without further adieu, here are the details. For those of you who don’t have Slice Network, I will try to post short highlight clips of my on screen date when I actually air and am able to finally spill my guts about this whole crazy and fun experience! And for anyone living in the lower mainland, check out Earls Yaletown on Facebook or Instagram for their official viewing party nights. I will be in attendance as much as I can!

First Dates on Slice TV will begin airing Tuesday September 1st at 7:00 pm PST with double episodes until 8:00 pm. Spoiler alert*** I’ll be wearing a red dress. You can’t miss me!

Set your PVR’s and get ready to laugh!

xo Cheers!



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