Surviving single on Valentine’s Day


A post is long overdue, and what better occasion for a single person to write about other than “Singles Awareness Day” where love is amplified and put on steroids known none other than Valentine’s Day. While coupled people bask in their glorious sweet nothings and gestures of love, hash-tagging pictures of their flowers and baubles with expressions like #lovehim, #luckygirl, #bestbfever, and #spoiled, single people are bitter and acting out like the Anti-Christ. I won’t lie, I have been this person before (the Anti-Christ, I mean) but as single people, we often forget that once upon a time, many of us were on the opposite end of that spectrum, and it was pretty awesome, right? Being single does not mean the day can’t be just as awesome, if not, awesome-er. Yup, that word just happened. #sorrybutnotsorry

Since it’s been a while, I will bring you all up to speed. I have put myself on a dating hiatus or as I like to refreshingly refer to it as: a cleanse. In the weeks leading up to today’s red and pink splattered occasion, I thought to myself… “Hmm, what’s a single gal to do?” I read a bunch of articles about how to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a single person (yes, I know… I’m pathetic!) Pathetic or not, being single is something that many people start to frown upon at a certain age. I am getting to that certain age. The age where attending big occasions alone sparks questions, and people start asking if I’m with the old boyfriend I haven’t been with in over two years and then I have to awkwardly explain to them that we split (like a million years ago) and that I live in a one bedroom apartment with a cat—and then I start showing them pictures of said cat. That’s when the labels and looks of pity begin. Unfortunately, as single people, going through this crazy world of not having anyone but ourselves to define us, it’s a natural knee jerk reaction to become defensive and act the “Anti-Christ” on days like today where our social media is exploding with the very thing we lack; love and a partnerships.

So how do you get through Valentine’s Day positively with a smile on your face as a seemingly lonely person? It’s actually pretty simple; instead of worrying about someone else not showing you affection to make you happy, do something for yourself that makes you happy. It could be anything; it could be buying that new TV you’ve been wanting for a while, it could be devouring a good book with a glass of wine, painting a picture of Neil Patrick Harris on a unicorn or heck—it could even be a box of Kleenex, latex gloves and some Lubriderm! If that’s what makes you happy, then do it, and brag about it! (Okay, maybe don’t brag about the masturbation part) but you get my point. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples anymore. While those in love will express gratitude and appreciation for each other, you can express it to yourself, or extend it to your friends and family. The day is a commercialized day of love and in all honestly, while the sentiments are endearing, I think flowers for no reason on any other day other than Valentine’s Day touches me more than pressurized gifting on a specified day dictated by Hallmark. But what do I know; my idea of romance is a cold beer waiting in the fridge after a long day of work. My point is that single people and coupled people need to stop bantering each other based on their relationship status or their attitude towards it. We all cope in different ways, and today can be hard on some people, so give them a tiny break okay? Go and enjoy your love; whatever or whomever it may be.