A single year


2013 has brought trying times. From figuring out the Vancouver city dating landscape to having some rather noteworthy dates who either fell asleep on me mid-date (twice), wanted to clean my house and rub my feet as I flirt with other men, or some who simply just wanted to send me pictures of their dick, I’m still ending the year off single, and joyfully so in many ways. On top of my full time insurance job, I worked part time selling love in two different ways: one in the form of dildos, and one in diamonds. (You’re welcome James Bond for your next movie title: From Dildos to Diamonds)

There are also several men I haven’t written about. I’ve also had short term courtships with unnamed bachelors who weren’t as horrific as the majority. Even though none worked out, all in all in my dating experiences this year both on and offline in this city (while being hard on my womanly emotions) have also been a valuable learning experience. Yes, I may have been hurt in many ways, let down, disappointed and sometimes let some tears roll down my cheeks but I also had a lot of fun in the process. I met new people, some who ended up becoming great friends and others who taught me valuable lessons about life, dating, and most importantly, about myself.

As far as my resolutions go, entering 2014 with these lessons in mind creates a new attitude for the New Year ahead. Don’t get new attitude confused with the whole “new me” notion that seems to replay each year. While 2013 was spent focusing on being single and dating and understanding how relationships form or fail to form, my next endeavor of this lifestyle will be to take a new approach. I got to thinking, what about the other side of single? What about the life of a single person not dating, not sleeping around, and just taking advantage of all the things you can do alone? As single people, most of us are always ready for something new to happen. We either look for interactions online, or we openly flirt and give hungry eyes to passing strangers. Through the holidays, we notice the happy lovey dovey couples and it makes the void feel a little more apparent. I want to know what life is like without that. What is single like without the idea of a relationship lingering?

So tonight, on the New Years Eve of 2014, while most eagerly await their midnight kiss, spend their money and wait hours for their cabs, I will be alone in the home I built myself. I plan to wear my nicest dress, cook myself a nice dinner and toast a bottle of champagne to myself at midnight, as all single people should tonight. Just l because you are alone doesn’t mean there is no cause to celebrate; YOU are the cause and effect of your New Year Celebration. I may not have the worlds most amazing and wonderful spouse or the most beautiful child I never knew I could love so much, but I have me and maybe that might be sad to some people, and maybe some people might think “Oh, look she’s STILL single” or “she will never have children at this rate” but I don’t feel sad or think its worrisome at all. I think it means I still have a lot to look forward in the years to come. Be proud, be safe, and see you next year! Cheers!